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Bottle of Stardust Glitter Gel, contains 150ml of sparkly cosmetic glitter gel

BeautyBlvd Stardust - Glitter Gel

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A little goes a long way with this beautiful sparkly glitter gel made specifically for holding cosmetic glitter gently on skin.

Safe to apply on the face, apply your favourite grades and shades of cosmetic glitter over the top of the glitter gel which will hold it gently but securely in place for hours of partying.

Please note that if you pre mix this glitter gel with your favourite eco or biodegradable glitter and store it for a while it is likely that the eco or bio glitter may start to bleed pigment as it will start the breaking down process.

To apply: We advise to apply the glitter bind directly to the skin and then apply the eco or bio glitter directly on top for the best results rather than pre mixing.

To remove: wipe cosmetic glitter gently with a tissue or makeup wipe and dispose of into the bin not down the drain.

Cruelty Free