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Nude coloured bikini briefs, UK clothing size 10 - 12, soft and stretch elastane material

Paintopia Pants - Thong - UK size 10-12 - Nude

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UK SIZE 10-12


Designed for bodypainting

Super - soft stretch fabric for model comfort

Laser cut for seamless edges which blend easily into body paint designs

High quality material which can be painted quickly and easily


Hear what bodypainting models have to say about our pants!

“The pants were offered in a range of sizes and shape, knicker or thong style. I wore the thong in a size 10-12. I would normally wear two pairs of knickers to prevent any unfortunate “camel toe” however no need with the Paintopia pants! So comfortable to wear, completely seam free, they are light and smooth to wear. They are comfortable, don’t move about so no annoying moments of having to realign or rolling material at the top. The paint application is great. They don’t soak up lots of paint like some other material and there is no staining through the material.

I even washed them on a 30 degree wash and to my amazement they came out clean! At last a pair of painting knickers you can reuse that are comfortable and look great!

Charlotte – Model