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Molly Dolly is a bright pink shade of glitter lip in a small box with a glitter bond and applicator

BeautyBlvd Glitter Lips - Molly Dolly

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Molly Dolly is a bright pink, super sparkly shade of Glitter Lip

With an unbelievable staying power – one application of Glitter Lips can last up to 8 hours

Each box contains an applicator, a Glitter Lips gloss bond which is the adhesive for the lips and a premium glitter shade.

With approx. 25 applications per box, this is one party must-have you cannot do without and it is the perfect addition to your face painting, body painting or make up kit.

To apply: Ensure lips are clean and apply a coat of the Glitter Lips Gloss Bond. Do not use any other type of adhesive to apply your Glitter Lips as the Glitter Lip Bond is designed especially for lips. Allow the bond coat to go clear and then liberally coat your lips with your preferred shade of Glitter Lips Glitter. Press your lips together and keep applying glitter until no more tackiness can be felt from the bond.

To Remove: Use an oil based make up remover to gently remove your Glitter Lips. Dispose of the glitter into a waste bin not down the sink.

Tips for Glitter Lip Durability: Glitter Lips is designed to be a long lasting, durable product however drinking hot drinks and/or alcohol can diminish the durability of the product as can eating oily food. We advise to drink hot drinks using a travel mug and alcohol through a paper or metal straw to extend the life of your glitter lip. 

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Shades may vary slightly from the image shown here.

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