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Glittertastics Glitter - 60ml Cameron

Glittertastics Glitter - 60ml Cameron

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Perfect for adding glitter detail to your makeup, face & bodypaints 

Glittertastics is a vegan, cruelty free, cosmetic grade glitter produced in the UK.

It can be applied directly to the skin with a little vaseline or with a little help from other cosmetic products such as Beauty Boulevard's Glitter Binding Gel 

Glittertastics is safe for use on the face & body but care should always be taken when applying near the eyes.

Remove as much as possible with makeup remover wipes or tissue and discard into the bin at the end of the night. Do not rinse down the drain.


For a longer lasting look you can use Glittertastics glitters with a cosmetic body glue to add stunning highlights to your bodypainting designs (cosmetic body glue is not recommended for use on the face)

Apply cosmetic body glue, wait until it is tacky, it will turn from white to clear . Now you can apply your glitter. To apply use a designated make up or facepaint brush (which you can clean with isopropyl alcohol afterwards) or use a puffer bottle. Brush excess glitter away with a soft but firm brush.

To remove from the skin soak gently with an oil based makeup remover or product (such as baby oil) and wipe away gently with a makeup remover or tissue and discard into the bin. Do not rinse down the drain.