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Cameleon palette containing 12 32g facepaints in assorted colours
Cameleon 28g Colorblock in Fresh Grass which contains colours dark green, light green, yellow and white
Cameleon 28g Colorblock called Valentine in colours white, pink and red
Cameleon one inch angle brush in green
Cameleon petal brush in green for facepainting
Green Cameleon facepainting brush in size 2
Green facepainting brush in size 4
Blue facepainting sponge made by Mikim
Cameleon black laptop case for holding facepaints

Cameleon Facepainting Kit - Advanced

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  • 1 x Laptop Palette ( 12 x 32g paints in assorted popular colours including white and black)
  • 2 x Colorblocks (Fresh Grass and Valentine)
  • 1 x Size 2 Round Brush
  • 1 x Size 4 Round Brush
  • 1 x Size 6 Round Brush
  • 1 x 1" Flat or Angle Brush
  • 1 x Petal Brush
  • 10 x sponges