Gold and clear all in one gem cluster piece for the forehead and two small gold and clear gem clusters for below the eyes

Festival Face Jewel - Goldie

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Get Festival ready, be inspired by Coachella and give yourself a prettier face paint / make up look with our gorgeous range of easy to wear Face Jewels

All in one peel off, ready to stick face gem to compliment all types of face painting & body painting designs

Goldie contains one large multicoloured gem cluster designed for the forehead and two small teardrop gem clusters designed for under the eyes

We recommend: Using us with any of our cosmetic regular & bio glitter to create a beautiful & long lasting festival make up that will last from day through until night or add the Face Jewel as a beautiful addition to your face painting design.

Tips for application: For best results peel the gem carefully from it's backing and apply directly onto clean skin. A lot of make up on the skin can affect the products durability. See our tips for removal below for a more durable application.

Tips for removal: Peel gems carefully from the skin and if desired stick carefully back onto it's packaging. To reuse or to give longer/extended wear if it's not sticking very well clean the back of the gems with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean, apply a thin layer of eyelash glue or other skin safe adhesive, allow to air dry until clear and then reapply for more durability.