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Baby Blue's Brother is a mid to light blue shade of Cameleon airbrush paint, water based, 50ml, flip cap opening

Cameleon Airbrush Paint - Baby Blue's Brother - 50ml

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A bright and vibrant blue water based airbrush paint produced by Cameleon, Baby Blue's Brother can be used for face painting, body painting and creative make up

Cameleon Airline airbrush paints are highly regarded in the world of airbrush bodyart and are favoured by body artists all over the globe including world champions. They are a highly pigmented product designed for professional use and durability for use in film, tv and competition face painting & body painting.

Paintopia Ltd is the official UK distributor for all Cameleon paint products  


Cameleon is a professional, highly pigmented face painting and body painting product produced in The Netherlands.

Water based, Vegan & Cruelty Free

FDA approved & suitable for use on ages 3 and up.

No parabens, sulfates, perfumes or drying agents.

To remove from skin wash the face paint with mild soap and warm water or a make up remover. Baby wipes are not recommended for removal of face painting and body painting products. 

Skin staining is rare but can ocassionally occur, especially if removed with baby wipes as that pushes pigment into the skins pores - remove as recommended in the details above and moisture well. 

To store your face paints replace lids and store away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.