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Pro & Student Artist Discount Scheme

Want to get a discount everytime you shop with us?

Of course you do!

So why not register for our Pro & Student Artist discount schemes

Pro Artists receive 15% discount and Students receive 10% discount across our whole site

*please note that both our pro & student schemes are only open to artists who meet the criteria below. Artists who mostly paint or do makeup on themselves on social media platforms are not valid for either of these schemes.*


To register please email the following information to us at: with Pro Artist or Student Artist in the subject line

  • Full Name
  • Business Name or Professional Working Name
  • Email Address
  • Website (if you do not have one yet then a link to where you display your portfolio)
  • Social Media Platform links if desired
  • Pro Artists only - List of qualifications/training and where/when obtained and with who - if you are self taught then please provide links to where we can see samples of your work on models and for clients. This can be social media and/or your website but it must show a diverse and current working portfolio. If we do not feel you show enough evidence of being a pro working artist in the links you provide us then we reserve the right to decline your application to our scheme so be sure to provide us with as much evidence as possible.
  • Student Artists only - Please upload a student ID card to accompany your registration
  • Student Artists only - Please tell us the College or Academy where you are currently training or have graduated from in the last 12 months (12 months after graduation you need to apply and upgrade to the Pro scheme) and the qualifications you are currently studying for or have completed in the last 12 months.If you have graduated in the last 12 months please provide evidence of any qualifications obtained and where. Please provide links to where we can see your current portfolio.


The boring but important info bit - please read carefully before applying:

We will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours of receiving your application but it may take up to 30 days for us to process your application (in busy times, usually will be much quicker) so please be patient, emailing us for updates will not speed up your application approval.

Once your application has been approved by us we will contact you via email to confirm this and provide you with full details of how to use your discount on our website. Any Pro or Student discount scheme which is offered by us is valid only for the person whose application has been approved. It must not be shared to any third party or other person.

We will contact you via email if we require more information from you or if your application is unsuccessful and the reasons for this.

By submitting the data above to us via email you opt in to accept our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions - both of which can be found here:

We never sell or disclose any personal data held on our system to any 3rd parties or other businesses. Your privacy is of the upmost importance to us. If you wish to leave the scheme at any point in the future please email us at and we will delete and destroy all data held in regards to your scheme application in line with GDPR regulations.

We reserve all rights to decline applications to our Pro and Student schemes and if your application is successful we do also reserve the right to terminate that application at any point, without notice, should we deem that the scheme is being abused, misused or violated in breach of the terms in which it was offered by the person to whom it was offered.

We reserve the right if we desire, to annually ask for an update regarding applications to ensure that you are still an active & working, Pro or Student Artist. If you have not used your discount code at least once in a 12 month period from when it was approved then you will be removed from the scheme and will need to reapply if desired.

We reserve the right to terminate our Pro and Student schemes without notice at anytime in the future if so desired.