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Paintopia Christmas Sweater Winners and Gallery 2020

 And the winners for 2020 are......

1st place - Ilaria Fumarola

IG - @ilariafumarola_bodyart

Model - Alessandro Fumarola

Yoda bodypainted jumper by Ilaria Fumarola

2nd place - Raquel Medel

Model - herself!

IG - @medel_makeupartist

Raquel Medel bodypainted Christmas sweater

3rd place - Serena Dalla Torre

Model - Elena Dell'Era

IG - serena_dalla_torre

Serena Dalla Torre bodypaint

Special mentions go to:

Mery Penalba

Model - Pablo

IG - @mery.makeupart

Mary Penalba Christmas Sweater bodypaint

and Kasia Niedzwiedz

Models - include herself and Karolina Kolasinska

IG - @kochasiaart




A huge thank you to our fantastic judge - Nick Wolfe!

See the gallery below for all the fantastic entries submitted this year! Thank you so much to everyone who took part!





Christmas sweater bodypaint by Anita Rorije Christmas Sweater bodypaint by Barbara Tomas

Artists (L-R) Anita Rorije and Barbara Tomas

 Bodypainted Christmas Sweater by ladivasimonBodypainted Christmas sweater by ladivasimon

 Artist -  Beatriz @ladivasimon

Bodypainted Christmas Sweater by Brigitte Berlin  Bodypainted Christmas Sweater by Brigitte Berlin

Brigitte Berlin

Artist - Brigitte Berlin @bbbfineart 
 Bodypainted Christmas sweater by Corey Lajeunesse  Gretchen Fleener 
Artists (L-R) @scorpiobodypainting and Gretchen Fleener

Claudia Fantasy Leonie Gene

@claudiafantasycoloursart and Léonie Gené

  Daniela  Christmas sweater by Lola Charaddi 

Artists (L-R)  Daniela Dill-Kubillus and Lola Charaddi

Emiline Conte bodypaint of a Christmas sweater Christmas Bodypaint by Lisa Vanhaute 

Artists (L-R) Emmiline Conte and Lisa Vanhaute 

Christmas sweater bodypaint by Oceane Locatelle Christmas sweater bodypaint by Annick Herbiniere

Artists (L-R) Océane Locatelle and Annick Herbiniere 

  Christmas Sweater bodypaint by Celia Fabris Christmas Sweater bodypaint by Elodie Josserand

Artists (L-R) Célia Fabris and Elodie Josserand
 Christmas sweater bodypaint by Ilana Fumarola Christmas sweater bodypaint by Jade Harding
   Artists (L-R) Ilaria Fumarola and Jade Harding

  Christmas sweater bodypaint by Jenifer Gómez  Christmas sweater bodypaint by espiralpunk

   Artists (L-R) Jenifer Gómez and @espiralpunk

   Christmas Sweater bodypaint by Kasia Niedźwiedź Kasia Niedźwiedź   Kasia Niedźwiedź

    Artist - Kasia Niedźwiedź

 Christmas sweater by Lars Peterson Christmas Sweater by Lars Peterson

  Artist - Lars Peterson

 Christmas Sweater bodypaint by Paul Smith Espiral punk

  Artists (L-R) Paul Spring and @espiralpunk

 Jess Cheetham 

 Artists (L-R) Jess Cheetham and @mery.makeupart 

 Christine Huttner Ulianka

 Artists (L-R) Christine Hüttner and Ulianka

 Nadja Scalzi Olivia Temoche

Artists (L-R) @nadjascalzi and Olivia Temoche

 Raquel Medel Samantha Polini and Manuela Giorgino

Artists (L-R) Raquel Medel and Samatha Polini with Manuela Giorgino

 Serena Dalla Torre Shandyland

Artists (L-R) Serena Dalla Torre and @shandyland

 Sheyla Lozano VDO bodypaint

Artists (L-R) Sheyla Lozano and @vdobodypaint 

 Tee Eleanor

Artists (L-R) @tee_creative_artist and Eleanor