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Cameleon All Stars Colorblock Palette
All Stars Palette by Cameleon

Cameleon All Stars Colorblock Palette

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Gorgeous face paint colorblock palette produced by Cameleon.

Perfect for all your one stroke face paint designs including flowers, rainbows and patterning.

All Stars Colorblock Palette contains 12 x 10g Colorblocks; Fresh Grass, Roses, Squirrel, Rainbow Wow, Michelle Magic, Valentine, Minx (with UV) by Brierley, Thunderbolt, Sea Light by Shawna, Viola by Viola Simons, Luisa by Luisa Simons, Venom by YC Art Yvonne Zonnenberg

Size 120g

Cameleon paints are highly regarded in the world of face paint and are favoured by body artists all over the globe including world champions. They are a highly pigmented product designed for professional use and durability for use in film, tv and competition face painting & body painting.

Produced in The Netherlands.

Water based, Vegan & Cruelty Free.

No parabens, sulfates, perfumes or drying agents.

FDA approved & suitable for use on ages 3 and up.