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Time Management

As Halloween fast approaches we're curious to know what's the longest time you have spent on a bodypaint or facepaint?

With the current trend of instamakeup that can take 8-10 hours for one facepaint/makeup look & the average time for an online self paint bodypaint streamed live seems to be around the 13 hour mark.
On the flip side of this we are just back from the UK Facepainting Convention where absolutely stunning facepainting designs were created in a matter of minutes!

We've recently seen a jaw dropping bodypaint design from one of the IMATS shows but were absolutely stunned to discover it took 27 hours!
Yes you did hear correctly! 
The model from that definitely deserves an award! 

It's fascinating how the industry has changed to make makeup/bodypaint such a lengthy process on platforms such as Instagram. 
We wonder what the next level is & if there can be one 

As Halloween approaches does the high standard produced online these days (often with lengthy time involved) affect our prospective client expectations & cost too as they hand you an Instagram 8 hour facepaint/makeup design for inspiration & want it reproduced in ten or twenty minutes for their upcoming Halloween look  
Are we getting less work or is the fact that more bodyart is out there in general meant more work for us all?
Discuss below, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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