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Return of the Bratz

So who remembers Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha? If you're 19+ chances are you do and although you may have long ago packed the dolls away into the loft and long forgotten about them it appears they are making a comeback!

The #bratzchallenge is the latest in a long line of Make Up Instacrazes and we can barely scroll through our newsfeed without at least one popping up

They've become our guilty pleasure (even though we really were not keen on the original Bratz back in the early 2000's). 

Here's a few favourites from our Instafeed and they include a mix of students and established painters work.

If you haven't taken up the #bratzchallenge yet - why not?!

Maybe these will inspire you...

Close up photo of Nikki Tutorials with #bratzchallenge make up on


Image of Make Up Mouse wearing a #bratzchallenge inspired make up look


Close up photo of Stef Stars wearing a #bratzchallenge Boy inspired make up look


Close up shot of beatsbylizzie wearing a purple #bratzchallenge inspired make up look


#bratzchallenge inspired look created by barharell


#bratzchallenge inspired look created by _samanthalux


Close up photo of a #bratzchallenge make up created by _king_harry


#bratzchallenge inspired makeup look worn and painted by madeyewlook



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