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Paintopia chats to Gabriela Hajek-Renner

Paintopia chats to Gabriela Hajek-Renner
For the next installment of our Paintopia Chats series we catch up with multi-award winning bodyartist Gabriella Hajek-Renner. Gabriella is well es...

Paintopia chats to Pashur

Bodyartist Pashur_Model Gracie Wiiliams_Photography 410 Photography_created at Paintopia

Pashur's work is world renowned. Chances are you've seen some of it on magazine covers, on television or on high profile celebrities over the years. His portfolio is vibrant and hugely diverse and we're thrilled that his involvement with us led to him hosting the first ever UK Facepaint University ahead of Paintopia 2015 and him creating some of his favourite exhibition pieces whilst attending Paintopia over the years.

We recently caught up with him for a chat that we are excited to share with you here in the first of a series of Paintopia chats that we have planned for you all!