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Welcome to Paintopia

We pride ourselves on supplying top quality face & body art products

In our online store you will find a huge selection of products for all your facepainting & bodyart requirements, we only stock products that we use and recommend ourselves so that you can have peace of mind that the products you purchase are up to our high standards

All of our products are Cruelty Free and Cameleon who we are the official UK distributors for is cruelty free and vegan

Our expert, award winning makeup & body artists are on hand to answer your queries and you can find advice and tips from us and special guests featured in our online Blog


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Fancy a virtual coffee with us?

We love to be social and we especially love to socialize with you so come and join our exclusive Paintopia Group over on Facebook.

The group was set up for those that purchase face & bodypaint products from the Paintopia online store and who also have attended or may like to attend any future Paintopia events that we host.

In there we share tips, special offers, new product launches and we can answer any questions that you may have about items we stock or any upcoming events we are hosting.
We also share inspiring images or stories.

Feel free to add members you feel would benefit from being part of this group, we encourage you to participate by sharing tips and knowledge especially if you have the answer to someone's questions as admin may not always be available to answer immediately.
If you want to make suggestions of products you would like us to stock please do.

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